A small addition to your garden, or a large addition to your fairy garden.

Cementasaurs are locally-crafted dinosaurs that are sure to delight gardeners of all ages!

Made with cement and other organic materials, they are strong enough to withstand the elements while blending in to the natural environment. Each design is hand-sculpted, from which custom molds are made. Hand-poured in small batches, no two are the same. Each Cementasaur has its own quirks, making them a unique piece of art.

Your Cementasaur will find comfort in it's new home -- be it garden, fairy garden, rock garden, lawn, or flower box. Guests, friends, and family will find your Cementasaur a whimsical addition to your ourdoor space.

Cementasaurs are currently available at Cucurbit Farm in Acton, MA.  Check back for future locations and events.